Iron Maiden

as you said at the beginning of your article,

"the anthemic nature of any rock song is purely in the eyes of the beholder." What then gives you the right to judge the valdity of "you give love a bad name" in this list?


Considering Bon Jovi has been one of the most enduring and popular rock bands for the past couple of decades, it's unlikely there will be many 'rock anthem' lists without their inclusion. What did you expect?


Im sure Bon Jovi are worried about what you have got to say about their music,they are one of the most successful bands ever,show some respect.


You should be commenting on the heinous nature of the omission of Livin' on a Prayer-the greatest rock anthem of all time-from this list. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows just how true this statement is.


It's about time critics got over the fact that that Bon Jovi are one of the biggest most successful acts of all time. Not only is that a fact but they do it simply by creating great music relative to a wide audience, not by creating controversy, not by 'pretending' to care about starving kids in Africa to stay in the spotlight etc put simply they are great musicians that for some reason never were a critics darling.. Jelousy is a curse....


Wow. What a crap attitude about some really great rock. Bon Jovi deserves recognition too. You know they are #1 in concerts sales lately? After all these years, they're still loved by many.

You don't have to like them, but basic respect is lacking in your article. Sheesh.


You bon jovi fanettes are ridiculous! ha ha ha.

I like Jovi.. but personally feathered hair and choreographed dance moves is where I draw the line in my Rock world.

Praise all you want... the people "in the know" of the Rock industry will never accept them as "one of the best". They are good, and they reach a lot of people (especially females). But they have not pushed the envelope of creativity or created anything new; Like the Beatles, Floyd, Maiden, Queen, Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, and so forth.

Cry all you want.. Jovi will usually spoil a "greatest of" list for most "real" music fans. And yes I said "REAL".


What do you consider a "REAL" music fan anyway. I personally can't understand the appeal of Metallica, Iron Maiden or oh my god Nirvana EWWWWW!!! At least with Bon Jovi you can understand the lyrics and the songs have some meaning to a lot of people. I just don't understand who you are to judge who is a "REAL" music fan.


Mercury: i was agreeing with you til the point you said Nirvana..then you lost all credibility. Nirvana are easily the most overated band ever, they did not create grunge, and any1 who thinks they did has no idea of rock music at all.


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