Hoodie Allen

Never thought the day would come, but competition arose in the hip-white-kids-in-rap-and-R&B market towards the latter half of the '00s. Hip-hop duo/solo act Hoodie Allen threw its hat in the ring when rapper Steve "Steve Witz" Markowitz and producer Brett "Obey City" Copell began recording together while in college. They made a splash on Markowitz's campus of the University of Pennsylvania with the song "UPenn Girls," which riffed on Charles Hamilton's "Brooklyn Girls." In April 2009 they released The Bagel and the Beats EP and in October 2009 the Making Waves mixtape. By Spring 2010 Markowitz graduated from college and began working with a new producer named RJF. Markowitz began adopting the group name Hoodie Allen as his individual rapper handle and with RJF released the song "You Are Not A Robot" in June 2010. The song sampled the Marina and the Diamonds song "I Am Not A Robot" and prefaced a new direction towards using familiar indie-pop songs. Markowitz and RJF released the Pep Rally mixtape in September 2010 and featured the former rapping over samples of Two Door Cinema, VV Brown, Florence and the Machine and more. These tracks were promoted via the Hype Machine music aggregation site.

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