Glasser is the multimedia project of Cameron Mesirow. The Los Angeles-born artist works in several mediums, primarily music and various visual arts. She has two EPs (Apply from June 2009 and Tremel from April 2010) of eclectic electronic pop and built a reputation via MySpace. She plans and stages the visual and physical dynamics of her live shows, such as working with a dance troupe (Body City) and/or wearing custom-designed outfits (Los Angeles-based Ida Falck Øien). Much of her life is spent in the company of the arts: she is the daughter of a Blue Man Group father and an ex-Human Sexual Response member/mother. She worked for artist Mike Kelley (indie music fans likely know his work through Sonic Youth's Dirty) and collaborated with Tauba Auerbach on creating The Auerglass, a modified wooden pump organ designed to be simultaneously played by two people. And she is dating Matt Popieluch of Foreign Born. All of which doesn't scream art royalty, but certainly suggests an active life in the arts.

Given how broad her interests stretch, several themes seem to pop up frequently: "celestial"; "childlike"; and "sublime." Way to throw the kid in the corner. Certainly, "precious" is a fair way to describe the common thread in all of her work to date. That said, she started Glasser in the late '00s, so the project is still in its creative infancy. Let's at least wait until the first album, all right, Stans? Ring is scheduled to be released in September 2010 and features production from Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid.

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