How about Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford and Hackett with Chester Thompson or Bill Bruford on drums...but then who would know the words to


Yet more remasters? Ten years ago when they did this, MOJO told them enough already. Also, what's with more rarities. Those two multi-disc box sets were supposedly the best of what was left..hmmm...

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well, better 1970-1975 than 1986-1991

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tonys, where've you been? The remasters are unbelievably brilliant and in 5.1 surround via DVD-audio. (There's also a CD remaster with the package). Besides how amazing these sound (and you have to hear them to believe it), there's all kinds of great, formerly lost material on here, live concerts, the entire slide-show from Lamb, ultra-rare songs, and a brand new documentary for each and every album. These are the definitive Genesis sets (there's three in total for each era).

And a reunion would be amazing! Gabriel may be afraid they won't live up to what The Musical Box has been doing (recreating the early performances musically and visuall to a tee), but it won't matter. It would be a glorious thing to see the original band together again!


Peter is to busy with the future to take time from his hectic schedule to reform the past. In fact Peter is so busy he only finds time to write his own music once every ten years. I saw the original shows back in the day. Let this remain an historical era in history and just move forward.

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Speak for yourself, marscape! I was born just after the departure of Peter, yet Gabriel's Genesis have been a musical fave since my tender years. I, for one, would love to hear what thirty-odd years of divergent narrative could bring to the table in terms or musical mastery! Four of the five are game, and at this point it's up to Peter. Perhaps after the 'Still Warming Up' gigs... I'm told he's considering using a VR rig to control a virtual 'Rael' on the screens... I suppose the Slipperman costume would be a fraction tight these days. A few one-off gigs is likely what we could hope for, but I'll take whatever.

As for the latest box, the remasters are in some cases, brilliant, and in others rather weak and missing certain elements of the originals. Most of the 'bonus' vids may be found in better quality (and free, I might add) on The ture gem of this set would be the Lamb Slides, which are synched to the Dolby 5.1 audio on the Lamd DVD, along with some live clips, like Bern.


secret gig - re-union warm up the red geese pub next sat

phil collins

the best of phil colins ,peter gabriel the future genesis the original band together again
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sylvio romerp

keep wishing i could hear incredible songs like musical box LIVE!!


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