Fred Da Godson

"You still a disgrace/ You got gay n****s on your set like Will & Grace" ~Fred Da Godson, from his Shade 45 show appearance in March 2010

Fred Da Godson is unlike most up-and-coming rappers in the late '00s in that he doesn't have an inordinate amount of gun-clap/trap talk to hawk, nor is he the most punch-line-heavy rapper. The fact that he is an uptown MC referencing a bourgeois television show from the '90s should be enough of a sign that he is not your everyday hardcore rapper. Perhaps that is what motivates The Fader to write up a rather puzzling blog post on the occasion of his "King Kong" video. While complementary, the website spends most of its words talking about why Fred Da Godson looks and sounds nothing like Lil' Wayne. The subtext seems to be, "He may be the next Lil' Wayne," without coming right out and saying it. So, what's the big deal?

Producer and DJ Clark Kent co-signed the rapper to the extent that he produced two songs ("I Am" and "Middle Finger") on the artist's Big Bronx mixtape from February 2010. And Fred managed to wrangle Waka Flocka and Cam’ron to represent the new and less-new-but-certainly-not-old guard for his "So Crazy" remix. And for those familiar with the New York "scene," earning daps from hometown heroes is hard-earned work.

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