Frankie Rose and the Outs


Nobody closely following Brooklyn's sprawling music scene would be surprised to learn that Frankie Rose, as a child in California, struggled with ADD. Rose has spent her first four years in Brooklyn drumming for three different noisy critics' darlings in succession: Vivian Girls (which she was a founding member of), Crystal Stilts, and Dum-Dum Girls. Citing artistic restlessness, Rose cut all ties and, with The Outs, is giving the position of frontwoman a shot. (The name, of course, refers to Rose's tendency to quit bands.)
The band's other members -- guitarist Margot Bianca, bassist Caroline Yes, and drummer Kate Ryan -- were chosen, according to Rose, less for their technical chops than for their personalities. In fact, Rose actually taught Ryan how to play the drums just for The Outs. Rose spent a winter studying pop masters past and present (Brian Wilson, Bradford Cox) and writing the songs that would eventually comprise her bands' self-titled debut album.
Rose, through her work with bands like Vivian Girls, had developed a reputation as a lover of lo-fi sounds. But -- as is so often the case with projects that start in bedrooms -- that was apparently only because she never had the money to record in a real studio. This time, Slumberland Records put out the money for The Outs to spend the spring of 2010 recording in a studio. Three weeks later, the Outs' unexpectedly warm, expansive debut was ready. Whether Rose will be sticking with her own band remains to be seen, but an EP is set for a 2011 release via Sacred Bones Records.


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