Frank (Just Frank)


The late '70s and early '80s saw the heyday of coldwave, a French response to goth and post-punk that failed to gain much international recognition. Drawing on those long-forgotten sounds and synthesizing (emphasis on the "synth") them with their own melancholic aesthetic, the two members of France's Frank (Just Frank) devised "brutal wave": It's both the term they use to describe their icy, '80s-indebted music and the title of their debut LP.


The two members of Frank (Just Frank) are Chris (a.k.a. Anthem) and Kirti. The former has dual citizenship in France and the United States and was born in New Jersey; the latter, a French native. They met at a school in the Riviera, where they listened to a lot of black and death metal before softening up to warmer, more British sounds. They both eventually attended college in London together. Brooklyn label Wierd Records released their debut LP in the summer of 2010.


According to the band, brutal wave also refers to the French militias that, after World War II, would forcibly shave the heads of girls that slept with German soldiers. The album was met with mostly positive reviews, which gave the band the momentum to tour around Europe and the United States in late 2010. Their next single, "Valerie," popped up in September 2010.


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