Fergus & Geronimo

So, by now we're familiar with that rub about the speed of transmitting "information" via the web. You know, the whole quick-way-to-explode-premature-thoughts-or-observations thing. But have you heard about good old record labels spreading disinformation via releasing records? Texan duo Fergus & Geronimo had three singles released throughout 2009: "Harder Than It's Ever Been" via the Woodsist label; "Blind Muslim Girl" through Tic Tac Totally; and "Tell It (In My Ear)" on Transparent. All of which sounds pretty successful for a group that formed in the beginning of 2009. However each release was from the first week of the group's existence. Throw in some healthy exposure via the Internet and a SXSW appearance and you have a couple guys wondering, "Hey, maybe you want to give us a minute or two to sort out our sound..."

In spite of the attention, Fergus & Geronimo seem undeterred and focused on building a reputation. Band members Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage are both active musicians in the Denton's DIY scene, both having played or worked with Teenage Cool Kids, so perhaps the rumor-mill aspect of the attention is old hat. The two also focused their energies on a full-length record, which they have described as being an 11-song affair that is "a little more moody, less poppy" than their prior output. The band still cites a litany of influences ranging from soul, doo-wop to the Mothers of Invention, so the sound will likely still be jangly and the harmonies still familiar. Its 2010 7-inch "Never Satisfied" b/w "Turning Blue" released via Sub Pop confirmed much of this assumption.

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