Fat Tony

Fat Tony

Remember those live concert videos of B.o.B (pre-Adventures Of Bobby Ray) of him playing the guitar or drums and rhyming like a madman? It sounded like the natural progression of "Bombs Over Baghdad." So, consider a follow-up act like Fat Tony additional proof there is a whole generation of artists taking previous generations' ideas of convergence and filtering them into pop-oriented fusion. Eschewing the now commonplace stereotype of the topless 'llac riding, leaning Texan rapper, Houston-based Anthony "Fat Tony Obidiyah Geofferey Jones" Obi is more than just another rapper: He is also a blogger and music journalist, as well as a musician with a background and interest in the many permutations of rock and hip-hop.

He has had a constant presence in the Houston music scene since the mid-'00s. He helped found the hip-hop trio Low Ends. In 2008 he independently released the Love Life EP for Same Struggle Entertainment and a self-titled mixtape. He also compiled a few years of his work on The Creation of Fat Tony (2007-2009). He received Houston Press Music Awards' "Best Underground Hip Hop" award three consecutive years, between 2008 and 2010. He has also been included in URB's seemingly endless "Next 1000" list.

His debut album, RABDARGAB, is scheduled to be released in 2010/11. The album is produced by Shaka "Tom Cruz" Girvan (of Atlanta-based group Supreeme). Fat Tony has described the title as a reference to a late '90s Houston Independent School District  television campaign for "elementary school students to promote literacy by offering $1 to students in exchange for book reports." It is an acronym for "Read a Book, Do A Report, Get a Buck," though he has joked that it could also stand for, "Roll a blunt, Drink a Red Stripe, Get a b*tch."

Although much of his early work delves in relatively straightforward hip-hop, the subject matter of his blog (shouting out Matt & Kim) and video posts on his MySpace profile (My Bloody Valentine) suggest a promising future.

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