Far East Movement

From the opening frames of Far East Movement (FM)'s "Like A G6" video, one message is made painfully clear: C? Aznz <3 LMFAO, 2! From the swanky interior shots to the busty intern's iPad checklist ("Grab CHAMPAGNE...") to the opening lines of "Gimme that Mo-et/ -et/ Gimme that Cris-tal/ -tal," the suggestively named group shows it is not so much about calling attention to Asianness, but rather demonstrating the normalcy of contemporary Asian-Americans. Think of them as more "See? We're like you," than "See? That's why we're different."

The group has toyed with this brand of mass appeal since its inception in 2003 by three Angelenos Kevin "Kev Nish" Nishimura, James "Prohgress" Roh and Jae "J-Splif" Choung. The childhood friends gradually transitioned from casually circulating bedroom music on the Asian-American website to performing for a local community fundraiser in Los Angeles' Koreatown to distributing over 20,000 copies of their debut mixtape, Audio-Bio, in 2005. The group made a significant break from Asian-American-specific audiences with the 2006 release of their debut album, Folk Music, and the inclusion of its single "Round Round" in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Local radio station DJ Virman soon thereafter joined the group and the group released a follow-up in 2008, titled Animal. Songs like "Lowridin'" and "Girls On The Dance Floor" were played on local radio, while other songs were placed in television shows like Entourage, Gossip Girl and CSI: Miami.

In 2009 the group signed with Cherry Tree, a subsidiary of Interscope Records and began work on their third album. In addition to the aforementioned "Like A G6," the record is scheduled to include appearances by Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars and, of course, Lil' Jon.

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