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How do you type a farting noise?

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What a waste of time and effort(judging by the video quality there wasn’t much).We all know Bill O'Reilly sucks.

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Flip side to the attack of the song is Bill O'Reily is a front row supporter of every neocon attack on foreign nations where thousands die. So it is OK to say thousands should be murdered in war but wrong point it out and mock it by saying the same thing about the person that callously champions war profits.


great song, s--t video

f--k oreilly

Song was iffy but I support the concept that O'Reilly is bad for America. Very Bad.


Are you kidding? This song is great.Let some neocon right wing f k try to right a song aboubt Keith Olberman.It would be oneline long and boring as f k.


bill o'reilly doesn't contribute anything to society. he might as well die


Great song and video.


This is ridiculous. It is hypocritical and the lyrics and video are terrible. These people are obviously crazy if they're talking about kidnapping, killing, and whatever else they claimed to want to do. I don't care if your a republican or a democrat, this song is un-American and just plain wrong. If you disagree with someone, say why. Don't talk about how you're just gonna shut them up.


I like Bill O'Reilly but this beat is so sick I might just go kill him anyway.


I seriously wish someone would beat the living crap out of Bill O'Reilly. I seriously do but perhaps Karma might get him in a major way during the next few years. Maybe a truck might just speed out of control and flatten the son of a bitch. He should never be allowed to do what he has done to people on his creepy show. It's sickening that Americans still watch him. I wish his show would drop in ratings radically.


The first few comments are just rediculous and should be null and void for having no point. They are most likely kids in their parents' basements that have no lives or understanding of what's going on around them. I'm pretty sure they weren't going for an emmy award winning video.


"Song was iffy but I support the concept that O'Reilly is bad for America. Very Bad."

I agree completely.


I would shoot the son of a bitch on site if I would not be prosecuted for it.


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