"Portuguese chillwave prodigy." Their words, not ours. Dreams was the solo project (though some outlets described it as a duo) of an as-yet unnamed male from Portugal. He started sharing music through a MySpace page in December 2009. He released the Simple Steps EP in May 2010 via the web site Bandcamp. The music blog O(h)rtlos described the music as songs "that fuse hooky 80?s/90?s shoegaze hooks with simple but pleasingly assured and complementary percussion, mostly 4/4 bass thumps and sticks." Ok, a bit redundant, but you got the point. Several vintage-style videos related to the release were posted on a Tumblr site. For example, "Step 4 (Hands in the Air, Say Goodbye... All the Good Things in Life)" featured footage from the skateboarding film Lords of Dogtown in slow motion. Around the same time, the Forgotten Thoughts cassette was also released via Rough Trade and the Paris-based SVN SNS Records. The packaging also included vintage photos, a la the '70s or '80s. According to the Rough Trade site, the music was described as "some young kids' ideas of what the past was like." According to his PR site Danger Village, he has "opened for Ariel Pink's Hunted Graffiti, Deloren, Yoro Y moi, Crystal Fighters and Woom."

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