Until recently, the biggest music-related thing ever to happen to Worcester, Mass., was a Rolling Stone concert. And then came DOM, both the name of the band and the name of its for-now-mononymous frontman (he refuses to reveal his last name, citing serious debt; ditto his bandmates, guitarist Erik and drummer Bobby K.). Before forming the band in January 2010, Dom had (allegedly) lived the sort of life that usually ends with a special guest appearance on COPS. His mom dumped him in an orphanage at age 8 (because he had red hair, according to Dom), and he spent the next decade or so in an out of various jails and youth insane asylums. Along the way, he picked up some valuable skills: how to properly sell cocaine, how to self-apply tattoos, etc.


Yet in the spring of 2010, Dom's fortune took a radical turn for the better. Encouraged by the positive online reception that met his band's first song, "Jesus," Dom and his Doms set out writing and recording the seven songs that would comprise his Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP (which came out in May 2010 via Burning Mill Records). The rest of that story could be heard blaring from Brooklyn rooftops and beach stereos all throughout the following summer: DOM exploded (into the nebulous mainstream-indie consciousness, but still).


Since then, Dom the man has (among other things) gotten into trouble for calling bullshit on Girls' Christopher Owens own crazy back story and written a porno, while DOM the band has toured relentlessly and gotten signed to Astralwerks. Astralwerks will release their next EP, which Dom claims will sound like "garage with surf metal."

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