Cilla K

Listening to Priscilla "Cilla K" Othily brings to mind UK downtempo and current slo-mo collage specialists like Bonobo. So, it is a slight surprise to discover that the globetrotting West Indian singer and songwriter set up shop in the States. As much as this nation has its share of funkateers, Othily operates in a smoother realm than SA-RA, Flying Lotus and the post-Dilla nation. She certainly has a rightful interest in that realm; explaining her moniker she said, "The K in my artist name is the edgy, funky part of me. K. also stands for the passion I have for beats. It represents an ethnic drum used in the island I come from, called 'Ka;' so it is simply an image I use as a symbol for beats, freshness, funkiness." However, her quilted voice works well with trainspotting music.

So, if she was going to pick a place to settle, no better place than New York City, right? Shortly after arriving in the late '00s she began working with producer David Pattillo. She released her debut album Fine Line in April 2010. She produced about half the record, but the album also included notable contributions from  Junius Bervine (N.E.R.D., Floetry), Danny P (Joss Stone), Clay Sears (Lauryn Hill), DJ Sky and Dr. Jango.


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