Christina Aguilera

oow xtina it's the better ?


BUTT why is she LIP SYNCHING ?

she does NOT have a live mic

until she screams super bitch out by the

fog blasters, then back to synch before she's

picked up ... she swore she's not a syncher

so why synch now ? she's live with just 32 seconds

to go, but never before that... check it out for

yourself !

j dawg

I love Christina Aguilera!!
but I am very dissapointed that she lip sync.
she always sings live, so this is one of the first times I have seen her lip it live. but I guess one time cant hurt, we all know she can really sing. so its all good lol.


I expect many would compare this to britney again!!! ( and lady gaga the latest! )... But whatever would anybody would say.... Chistina Aguilera is still Christina Aguilera....


britney is the onlyone


Por favor chavos todos sabemos quien es quien ya basta de compararlas a las dos britney es britney y christina es christina. Las dos son supertalentosas, hermosas y todo lo demas yo creo que cada una merece su lugar y ninguna es mejor que la otra. Me da gusto por las dos.Estoy emocionado por que al fin christina tendra su disco de exitos el cual porsupuesto comprare me encanta lo que hace y como a llevado su carrera y de britney lo mismo soy fan de las dos las quiero mucho y estoy orgulloso de tener en mi epoca de juventud a dos grandes artistas como ellas a las cuales les deseo lo mejor....Oh no seria mas genial que verlas en un video juntas eso seria grandioso, hojala que ese dia llegue es una gran expectativa.


I don't think Christina gets enough credit Britney might be an entertainer but christina can actually sing and entertain and be a good mother.


Shoot! The Song so so good but the video surely sucks. I guess I expected more from Christina


Agree with Mitch.
Disappointed about the lip sync, but I guess I can forgive her this time.


Usually when you see Xtina she's not dancing to quite the degree that is happening in this vid though. and the amount fo vocal layering on this track, the harmonies in "Hold on" etc, it would be a difficult one to sing and perform live without lip syncing to get the levels between harmonies right.

She's still Xtina, and i love her :)


I agree with everyone!
This is the first performance I've ever seen her lip sync. I'd rather have her stand still, not dance, and sing the song than dance and lip sync. If she did this every performance I would never watch! What a bore! She's got the pipes, she should use them! There is a reason why people/ critics put her on a higher "vocal pedestal" than performers like Cher, Madonna and Britany. Christina is from that league of singers (or should I say "Divas") where all she needs is a microphone and people will listen. She doesn't need lights, pyrotechnics and back up dancers in my opinion. I'm not saying she can't use them at all, but don't use them as an excuse to not sing.

Disappointed :(

Everybody knows Christina can sing..she has an awesome voice. I NEVER compare her to britney...if i ever compare christina to will be to someone who can actually sing, doesnt show her privates in public, doesnt lose her kids to a dead beat please dont compare Christina to britney..thats offensive. Christina rocks!!


i love her so much she was amazing.and virginia your right it so offensive to compare christina and britney thier both have a talent.i hate person that compare person coz if you compare person why dont you compare yourself to others.look at yourself first.and christina is a good person.


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