Mike "CFCF" Silver is in many ways an inspirational everyman producer. Not so much for his seemingly democratic rise to success: he built a strong MySpace presence, won a Crystal Castles remix contest (for his version of "Air War") and circulated remixes for other name-brand acts like Health and Justice. More so for his rather familiar take on pop and dance music. "I'm not the kind of person who goes out and parties a whole lot," Silver said of himself, "And I'm not interested in making party music." However, his music is clearly informed by the club-friendly '80s electronic pop and contemporary dance-rock fusions--both of which was and is often produced with both private and public contexts factored in. Silver's output simply reflects what happens when someone who doesn't go out listens to all this and starts making music.

Silver released two EPs Panesian Nights and The Explorers of his electro-pop-dub concoctions, as well as a full-length debut album in October 2009 entitled Continent. His works use vocals sparingly, if at all, often capturing only snippets or echoes of the human voice, like in classic dub production. And his tempos often lag considerably behind the dance-floor standard late '00s standard of 130 bpm. Both qualities lend his music an intimacy that translates well to headphones or personal hi-fis. In a 2010 interview, Silver said he was reaching to several vocalists, including Boat Club and Toro Y Moi.

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