Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis

Some bands are born out of dreams revolving around fame and money, others are the result of pure inspiration. New York's Girl Crisis, however, are probably the only act to have ever formed as an ironic response to the dance band Boy Crisis, once dubbed "the absolute worst band in the world" by Pitchfork. While their claimed creative impetus is probably more in-joke than truth, it does give some insight into what Girl Crisis is all about; more of a loose karaoke collective of friends jamming out occasional covers then an actual band, the group is comprised of women from various Brooklyn-based indie acts. They were founded by Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, Class Actress' Elizabeth Harper, This Frontier Needs Heroes' Jessica Lauretti and photographer Bek Anderson, but the continuously shifting roster has grown to include members of Au Revoir SimoneApache Beat and Acrylics.


Girl Crisis convenes just twice a year in Harper's apartment. In the winter, they choose one song to cover by a male singer (Nirvana's "Come as You Are" was one such selection) and in the summer they reinterpret a song by a female singer (Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"). The songs are learned and arranged just prior to their performance, which is then captured on Super 8 and posted to Girl Crisis' youtube feed for free consumption. To maintain the "just amongst friends" style atmosphere, Girl Crisis never performs shows or releases music for sale and doesn't allow any outside journalists into their recording sessions. Oh yeah, one other thing: No boys allowed, obviously.



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