/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Bono sucks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/deseraestage/no.jpg des!

I would support a more modest proposal -- to ban him from documentaries forever.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/babussolini/R-342319-1105464108.jpg babussolini

Or from life.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/deseraestage/no.jpg des!

I'll give them a fiver.

Gabi Porter

Please, God... make this happen.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

screw all of you. Bono is an honourable person. he actually gives a flying #*$ that people are dying of hunger and disease, while were here on our lazy, oversized asses living all a life we take for granted, or that one day you might wake up with no water to drink, or that the sun is melting your roof. ...No wonder this planet is so messed up, people can even see help and care if it spat it in the face.

this is retared....

i just can't figure out why everyone automatically decides to raise money to solve a problem. how will donating money get bono out of the public spotlight??

/site_media/uploads/images/users/BrandonRoss/Photo 118.jpg BrandonRoss

Hmmm... I wonder if I should believe that "Bono is an honorable person" when it comes from someone who starts off by saying "screw all of you." That's not something an honorable person would say, so you're prolly not the best judge.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

I wonder how many of the people who find fault with Bono's altruism have spent one-one hundredth of the amount of time that he has on thinking about and working on other people's problems, regardless of what they think about the way he goes about it.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/jimallen/HowardTheDuck.gif jimallen

Is it time to start raising money to get the Rolling Stones to stop touring?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Alls I know is Bono avoided paying taxes in Ireland 'til he got sued. He may care about Africa, but he left his countrymen holding the bag.
Now Bill Gates, there's a man. Did you know he's given over 58% of his total accumulated wealth to charity? Billion of dollars. Do you know how much the entire Walton family (owners of Walmart) have given to charity in their lives? Less than 1% of their wealth, less than the average Walmart employee (who, since Walmart doesn't support healthcare or a living wage, cannot afford to do so). Those evil pricks.
Point taken, though. We could all do better.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Hilarious! Just made my week. This is even better than the time Henry Rollins acutely observed that Edge has been milking the same guitar riff since the inception of U2.

And if that's really true about Bono dodging taxes until he got sued, he gets a Double-Douche award from me (not that that means squat to Bono...).

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brucescott/IMG_7307.JPG brucescott

yall are some f**king haters!! please stop it! anyone with 2 eyes can see that bono really cares about the issues he promotes. whether they're productive and focused is a matter for debate (which i will address directly in the next paragraph), but publically raising money to stop someone from doing charity work is the most bitch-ass move i've ever seen in my life!

Furthermore, Bono's efforts are *not* unfocused. he has routinely aligned his efforts with the Gates Foundation and McKinsey & Co. and the best charity & relief think tanks in the business. Hell, he's the guy who personally got Jesse Helmes to come off of his high horse about AIDS relief.

stop being a hater! it doesn't look good on anybody. it makes you look childish or obnoxious and jealous.


Sorry, I only have one eye.

Gabi Porter

Dudes with the one eye should listen with a third ear.


Good thing I'm a chick, then, isn't it? Hahaha.

Gabi Porter

you guys are all sick!!! most of all the other celebrities are out shooting up coke and getting drunk, or getting divorced every two weeks. They sit on their high horse made of pure gold, But Bono is at least half sincere, wanting a better world for his wife and children. So him and his wife help in any way they can, and I applaud them for it


In the past Bono wanted many things, but now is money, more money, and more, more money, then to be in spotlight, to feed his middle age ego by preaching, as long as it doesn't cost him money. RED campaign was a joke, helped corporations to sell unwanted products, same as U2 Corp. to sell theirs. Band Aid didn't change Africa, same as other


I run an organisation called the Opre Foundation. Our umbrella org is actually run by my aunt- Romani Roots Organisation. I have no job due to psuedo brain tumor, which means I dedicate most of my waking hours to the foundation. I think I have room to speak, taking in to account what one poster stated about who of us has spent a fraction of the time he does helping others..Throwing your name behind something and mentioning it at your concerts while on tour do not equal the hard work that we, the little folk who turn that money into viable aid, do.

What I have to speak about- Bono is ignorant, and ignorance hinders progress. He has many facts wrong because he has very obviously never taken the time to learn how to read a WHO report, or an IPCC report. Nor does he research the people behind the causes he chooses to put his name behind. Just one example- the IPCC is lying about global warming when they are doling out their fear mongering. Their reports that none of you will read are far more honest and say that ice is returning and the southern hemisphere was never getting warmer, but actually it was, and still is, growing colder. Unless you don't include the entire southern hemisphere as part of the globe, that little detail cags the whole idea that we are undergoing global warming. Now..The folk that spew that fear, that he heartily backs, have said things like


I think that real Bono is abducted by aliens in 1993 and replaced with this annoying creature, who is sucking to politicians, is art anti-talent, obsessed by himself and $$$, with sterile help to Africa, instead of curing real issues what are killing Africa, and slowly the rest of the world - imperialism and corporate slavery, and turning fans into aggresive, almost fascist followers, who hate everybody who insults great ONE (but not the same as real Bono from ZOO TV era).

Big Joe

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