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Did they patent the saying? Can you get arrested for saying it? I can understand Bon boy wanting to go on the record so he's not deemed "uncool," but in principle, it's going too far to complain.

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Actually its not, if she uses the SONG not just the phrase then he has every right to complain. If an artist has a writing credit and retains publishing rights it is his/her music to license as he/she sees fit including objecting to anyone using it especially to endorse their politics.

Also it isn't about cool or uncool, Palin is a moron, anyone Republican/Democrat/Anything who doesn't see that is also a moron.


We went through this with the Heart complaint. As long as the Republicans are paying a fee for a blanket license to ASCAP (Bon Jovi's performing rights organization) then they are authorized to play any song in the ASCAP catalog (including "Who Says You Can't Go Home") in public settings. BJ can send a cease and desist letter and object all they want, even get lawyers involved. But if you've paid that license, you don't need to get direct consent from the publisher if all you're doing is playing it at rallies and whatnot.

I love it that a lot of the great rock acts that represent the "heartland" are staunch democrats.

Maybe Ted Nugent is the answer for the McCain/Palin campaign?

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I agree, bring on the Nuge! He's their only hope.

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I didn't mean to get people riled up politically Dave. Sorry. I'm pretty sure Narfish is right. Yes, everyone knows Palin is a moron just as everyone knows that it's "uncool" to support a Republican. Hey I'm an Obama supporter. Definitely the best man for the job. Wait, Maybe "I" just wanna be cool....

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I think I said, IF, he owns his publishing. I don't know as the ins and outs of the ownership of the Bon Jovi publishing catalogue are beyond my limited brainpower.


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