Block Beaterz

The production duo of CP and Mali Boi known primarily for working with Paper Route Gangstaz (PRGz), Slow Motion Soundz and various rappers from Huntsville, Ala. The two began working together throughout the '00s and earned considerable attention for their exploitation of the best qualities of club production, particularly an abundance of warm, enveloping 808s and bass tones contrasted with high-pitched melodies or samples. The two producers' earliest memories of music perhaps best summarize their idiosyncratic production style:

Mali Boi: "Moments In Love" by Art Of Noise.
CP: My earliest memory of music was definitely church. In the choir. I was always moved by drums.

The two applied this aesthetic to numerous regional and internet singles of note, such as the catchy "Feel The (aka Chris Brown)" by 6 Tre G, S.T. 2 Lettaz (G-Side) and A.C. Burna (Untamed), Slow Motion Soundz' cruising anthem "Lacs And 'Prices'" (as in, "Cadillacs and Caprices"), Jackie Chain's night-out-on-the-Jersey-Shore-on-purp "Rollin'" and steeply leaning Hood Headlinaz' "Wood Grain." CP best described the duo's music as "It’s underworld music. It’s dangerous music. And did I mention the trunk goes gorilla monsoon when the kick drops?"

In 2009 the group received considerable attention for its high-profile work on G-Side's Huntsville International album and for their inclusion in Diplo and Benzi's Fear And Loathing In Hunts Vegas mixtape. The two received further attention when singer Mike Posner covered G-Side's "Speed Of Sound" on his One Foot Out The Door mixtape.


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