At what point does the view from outside the looking glass become inverted and transform into reality? For the group Bim, such distinction has perhaps never existed. The duo of Rebecca Rosier and Tim Davis leads an imaginative, twee life of music, videos and fashion that can only be described as fantastically romantic pop. They maintain a bubbly blog on their website filled with random thoughts about nails and pop culture and the such. They have a kid-friendly, homemade stop-motion video for their song "Stay In My Memory," which has become a YouTube hit, with over 650,000 views. And their music marks the full cycle return of moody Cardigans-like preciousness filtered through the dreams of youth -- no surprise, then, that fan-made videos of their songs feature montages from Twilight and Torchwood.


While plenty of other groups navigate these terrains in mass pop culture, Bim pays no mind to the fact that it is not apart of the mainstream yet. Instead, the two playfully exist as though they are already apart of it. Only a true grinch would pop their bubble; after all, they are clearly having so much fun.

The group's debut album, Scatterheart, was entirely written and recorded by the duo and released in 2010.

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