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Speaking of new albums, what in the hell happened to your Week In Preview feature? It used to rule. Not it totally sucks. There are really only like seven albums coming out each week or are you guys just getting really lazy and need a kick in the ass? I know the answer to that question because I bought more than seven new albums this week. I mean it, the Week In Preview feature used to be a very valuable resource. Now it is just sad. Sad like pathetic. Bring back the comprehensiveness! I'll even do it. Sheesh. Otherwise, um, good job dudes!

Josh H.

Are you asking for a job?


I'll avoid pointing out all of the grammatical problems above, and the oddity that you're still buying a bunch of albums, to get to the point that the WIP has been shorter the last couple of weeks because the Tuesdays have brought less interesting releases. Go back to the WIPs in September and August, when every Tuesday brought a flood of great new albums, and you'll see that they're comprehensive. What did we not preview this week that's so intriguing, Britney's new one?

John Zeiss

Maybe he's upset that we didn't hype the Larry The Cableguy Christmas album that's coming out tomorrow?


It was definitely a weak week. If we missed some I'd say perhaps the Buck65 album and the Joy Division reissue. Overall, there's not too much that I feel we missed. Maybe he misses the giant list we used to put with the previews.

Dave Park

Well, sadly you cannot preview comments so I apologize Professor Zeiss for the grammatical problems above and no I am not asking for a job. I have a job. Plus you have plenty of grammatically egregious writers on your roster already. And yes I do miss the list that accompanies the short reviews. And yes I do realize the last several weeks have not seen as many releases as the weeks in the previous months but still, either return it to form or tweak this misleading introduction: "Each week, we preview a handful of notable albums scheduled to hit the shelves, plus offer a full list of the current new releases." Maybe I will just stick with the combination of AMG and Insound but I liked coming here. Not that I won't keep coming here. I obviously like the site, ya lovable jerks! And I am not upset, just disappointed. But thanks for your concern.

Josh H.

josh, we like people coming here who realize that we're lovable jerks. You should stick around... And you do have a good point about the " offer a full list of the current new releases comment." Man, we need to spend less time playing drinking games to Best Week Ever.


I'm sticking around. And don't stop your Best Week Ever drinking games. That sounds like too good of a time. You should post the rules and make a phenomena out of it. One that will ultimately and mercilessly be ridiculed on Best Week Ever, no doubt. But that is the point, no? Any press for the site is good press especially if you could get someone famous to join in one week and make it on to The Sizzler.

Josh H.

One more thing: How much do you guys pay? Heh.

Josh H.

I too miss the more comprehensive list below the mini previews.


I hated that list below the mini previews, but that could be because I compiled them and they took a long time. They should be back in the future though. Sorry for getting rid of them guys, I hope you can be a patient.

Dave Park

you'd better measure Billy's integrity by the free stuff he's been giving away for years.. SP are one of the few bands allowing taping and distribution of their concerts.. there's more than one audio archive online which were approved by the band. Nobody cares if you take an HD videocamera at shows as long as you're sharing the stuff for free.. Their shows don't cost much.. What's the difference if they let their major label do their job. I won't buy the new special edition 'cause it's just rubbish for collectors I think, and this album doesn't deserve it anyway (imho).. but Corgan's integrity it's always the same for me


Josh, I'll draft up the rules and make a Monday post in the Features section. When Prefix gets its minute and a half shakedown on Best Week Ever, Dave owes me a Wii.


You mentioned that "the aforementioned tracks already appeared on other versions that were already released". I'm pretty sure that Ma Bell is only available on this new Silver release.And it's called a Best Buy "exclusive" because it is only sold at Best Buy, not because the songs are exclusive to this album.


everyone ignores that Billy and the Pumpkins were the first band to give away a record on the internet, long before iTunes, iPods, and all of that. Why is it that when Radiohead did the same thing to a lesser degree 7 years later, they get ticket at "pioneers" of the digital music age? I saw the pumpkins play for free 5 times. Name one person who saw Radiohead for under 50 bucks


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