Bei Maejor

For better or worse, Brandon "Bei Maejor" (pronounced "Bee-may-jur," like the music key/chord B-major) Green introduced himself as the sort of artist that could be quickly judged within the first five seconds of his songs. Full of easy hooks, familiar melodies and stock imagery, his music appeals to common denominators by treading overdeveloped land. Like State Farm commercials or small talk at a family reunion, Green's music feels mandatory (it is an accepted part of life that this sort of music exists), predictable (in both form and function) and acceptable (in that it doesn't stir any new emotions). Green is not trying to make new music; he is trying to be the next new thing in music. Which is either repugnant or appealing, depending on your feelings about music and its role in your life.

The producer, rapper and singer got an early start in mainstream R&B and hip-hop by producing pop-oriented tracks for Trey Songz, Bun B and Monica when he was barely in his 20s. In 2010 he began to earn attention by producing "Ride" (a blatant R&B/pop-with-a-guest-rap jack of Fergie's "Glamorous" from four years prior which simply replaced Ludacris with Andre 3000) for Ciara and his own "Gamez" (a Super Mario-sampling song that only half-heartedly revisited the tired video game-sex metaphor, as well as taking its melodic cue from "Hush, Little Baby"), which featured Keri Hilson. He scheduled the release of his solo album, u?op ?p?sdn (or, Upside Down), in late 2010.

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