Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

what kind of reporting is this? are you 12 years old or what? how ignorant can you be to dismiss the achievments of older artists like Streisand? Is it really surprising to you that adults also have buying power? You are biased.


Hey Andy,
Barbra called. She said you should f*ck off and die. But I was going to tell you that anyway.


the point is that barbara streisand is wildly out of touch with today's trends in music to the point that it comes as a shock that a new record from her should do so well. you all can surely agree on that, can't you?

ps if anyone can list for me the relevant achievements of streisand the musician (she's fine as an actress, don't get me wrong) i'll lay off. cause to my ears, she kinda sucks.

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her list of achievements are too long to write here, just go to her website, and then you can visit the RIAA website and confirm the facts, you can also visit each of the official websites for the Grammys, the AMPAS, the EMMYS, etc... and you'll find that her achievements are quite incomparable by very few artists. Educate yourself and do yourself a favor! honest!


The point isn't about whether she's had a great career or whether she's incomparable (God I hate that word!) or not. The point is she's singing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and doing freaking Jacques Brel covers in 2009! You can't tell me she's not completely out of step with the last, oh, thirty years of music history!

If anything, today's lesson is that people over 40 buy records more than the young folks do.

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First, educate your ear. Second, have a better taste. Third, learn that today's music lays over more than a hundred years of good taste, great music and great artists. Four, find one song you could remember after 2 years. Today's music is like spaghetti: full of spices without any particular flavour made by somebody named musician and, for sure, an empty stomach after half an hour. And, by the way, if you go to a music store, you only find teens bying cds. So, suck it up!!!


You gotta be kidding me? You didn't know that Barbra Streisand has 10 grammys, is the only female in the top 10 all time best sellers only bested by the King, Elvis and the Beatles (based on RIAA) and now has #1 albums in each 5 decades of her career? Do your research!


John- I remember many songs from more than two years ago. Lou Bega's Mambo Number 5 comes to mind.

Everyone else (minus Longest Winter)- How in the world are there Barbra Streisand stans?

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The numbers, the music and the talent speak for themselves! At 49 ,I saw her at 10 yrs old, and still remember the day, It made that kind of impression, and she has proved that she still HAS IT!!



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I hate how these conversations always devolve into insults and name calling.

First off, I listen to a wide array of music ranging from the 1940s to now. Me not "getting" Barbra Streisand's music isn't a function of some glaring ignorance about music in general or Streisand's own oddly esteemed singing career. It doesn't move me, that's all. Case closed. I'm not calling you guys dumb for not loving Tool. It's okay to have your opinions about music, but everybody's got em.

Second, Grammys and number 1 albums don't mean anything. Screw the "numbers." For every reputable, deserving artist who snags the honors, there's ten talentless hacks getting the same star treatment. Look at this year's contenders, for instance. Flo-Rida, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, do I need to continue? 2-3 hundred thousand people liking something doesn't make it any good.

Y'all need to lighten up. This chick has the number one album in the country right now. She clearly doesn't need YOU defending her. Streisand stans in '09, I have seen it all.

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