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At what point does Angels & Airwaves stop being Tom DeLonge's post-Blink-182 band? The quartet was built around veterans of several other rock groups (Over My Dead Body, The Offspring, Rocket From The Crypt) yet carved out its own space with its brand of arena-ready music. That said, the group was founded by DeLonge around the time of the dissolution of his former band, so the two groups have become inextricably linked.

The group debuted in 2006 with We Don't Need To Whisper. The album went gold. The group followed up in 2007 with I-Empire. That same year, original bassist Ryan Sinn was dismissed from the group and replaced with Matt Wachter from 30 Seconds From Mars. The band toured extensively, notably on the Warped Tour.

Just as the band began establishing itself, DeLonge reunited with his former bandmates in Blink-182, in 2009. Though he also toured with his former band, he still managed to release Angels & Airwaves' third album, Love, that same year. The album was offered for free download. An accompanying sci-fi film, also titled Love, is set to be released in 2010.  ~Dan Nishimoto


so when exactly is this album coming out cause I am so wanting to buy It.. I love you guys.. you have really inspired me.. everytime I listen to the lyrics.. It makes me love you guys even more you guys are my true inspiration HOPE YOU COME BACK TO CALGARY!! looking forward to seeing you guys In concert Tom DeLonge You are the greatest I would so love to meet you and the band soon hope I can some day that'd be awesome! : )


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