Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Unabashed retro R&B revivalist Amy Winehouse was almost a tailor-made tabloid sensation upon arrival, as her debut, Frank (2003), was a hit in the U.K. Subsequent problems with pills and alcohol preceded her American breakthrough, Back to Black (2006), a critical and commercial sensation that won multiple Grammys and whose hit single, "Rehab," was a definitive document of the peak of the decade's celebrity-gossip obsession.


Unfortunately, the substance abuse and instability that Winehouse was known for got the better of her, as she finally did, in fact, enter rehab in the spring of 2009. During this time, Winehouse divorced Blake Fielder-Civil, ending a relationship that was tumultuous from the start. As of April 2010, rumors have been swirling of a rekindled romance as well as for a third album from Winehouse.

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