Aaron "A-Wax" Scott (or "Doppie," according to Discogs)'s life could have sounded like an anonymous statistic. According to his website, Scott turned his adolescent mistakes into a rap career. Born in the Bay Area city of Pittsburg, Scott's parents moved the teenager to Seattle to escape the pressures of joining a gang. Even in his new environs, he still joined the Bloods and ran afoul of the law. He served five years at Walla Walla State Prison on a manslaughter charge. In 2001 he left prison, returned to the Bay Area and translated much of his experiences into his first rap album Savage Timez. His approach was like Eazy-E's amateur yet near-sociopath tone, and he quickly gained a reputation as a hard and "real" gangsta rapper.

Scott remained active throughout the '00s primarily as a regional gangsta icon. In 2002 he released 65 G'z In A Jordan Briefcase. In 2003 he appeared on Baby Bash's "The Chop" from the latter's gold-selling Smokin' Nephew album. In 2004 he released Thug Deluxe, which featured a high-profile appearance by The Game. In 2005 he collaborated with the late Antioch-based rapper Woodie on 2 Sides Of The Game. That same year he released CONceptz & CONtradicitionz. All the while he continued to release numerous mixtapes.

In 2009 Scott broadened his reputation further by collaborating with a former Crip and rapper GonzoE on the album Recession Proof (listen to a sample of the album at their Bandcamp site) and teaming with Akon's Konvict Muzik to release The Street Album. Though Scott's material by the end of the '00s incorporated contemporary club aesthetics (the heavy auto-tune of "On My Grind"), he remained consistent in his hustling themes ("I put work in / Don't forget this").

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